How You Can Prepare For Our Annual Members’ Meeting

How You Can Prepare For Our Annual Members’ Meeting

This Sunday marks our annual members’ meeting after our worship service. I call it “members’ meeting” instead of “business meeting” because it’s about so much more than business. It’s about the church gathering to celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness to CBC in 2014 and the renewal of our desire to glorify Him by making disciple-making disciples in 2015.

You’ll have a chance to ask questions about the year gone by in our ministries and their direction going forward, about the 2015 budget, about our candidate for a new pastoral position, and about anything else related to Country Bible Church! Lord-willing, we’ll be celebrating all of these things as a community when we meet.

I want to call you to prepare for Sunday by doing a few simple, practical things:

Start by praying for an attitude of selflessness. Praying for a heart that desires the Lord’s will for the church and not your own. Pray for a willingness to listen patiently and ask questions expectantly. Pray for the discovery of delight in a meeting you might otherwise view as duty.

Continue preparing by making any doubts about the upcoming vote known to your church leaders before Sunday arrives. Talk it out. Don’t just rush into the meeting excited to check “no” on a ballot measure set before you. Give your leadership a chance to address any concerns before you vote. How wonderful if the Lord would grant us unanimity in our decisions!

Lastly, prepare by making a commitment to yourself and your family to attend and engage. I know the biggest Cowboys game in 20 years is at noon on Sunday. I love football, and I’ll watch. But the game can wait. Take practical steps right now to make sure you’re not distracted on Sunday during the meeting. Set your DVR and be content. If you’re having a party, prep everything well ahead of time and don’t plan to serve food that you need to rush home to get ready. Maybe your Sunday afternoon plans have nothing to do with football. The principle is still the same: do everything you can in the next couple days to ensure that this small amount of time for our members’ meeting is a time you can be mentally distraction-free.

If you’re not a member of CBC, but you’ve been attending for some time, I would ask you to consider for these next couple days partnering with us in membership. What is holding you back? If you have a concern or a fear, let me know about it. I would love to discuss it with you. Please stick around for Sunday’s members’ meeting and hear about all that God is doing through CBC. Perhaps this Sunday will be the perfect opportunity for you to commit to teaming up with us for the glory of God!

I’m thrilled to be a part of a church body that I look forward even to meeting for “business” with! I’d love to answer any questions you might have about the meeting ahead of time. Just give me a call or send me a note!


P.S. – I’m so excited about a new addition to our meeting this year: something we’re calling “Covenant Renewal.” It’s going to be a chance for us as a body to renew our commitment to the Lord and the mission of His church in 2015 by taking time to reflect on our Fellowship Covenant. We’ll be reminded of the Scriptures that undergird our dedication to Christ’s task, meditate on what a blessing it is to be a church member, then take our covenants home for family prayer and contemplation. My prayer is that this annual addition to the life our church will spur us on toward better fulfilling our calling to make disciples. I’ll explain more on Sunday!

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