Sarahlynn Hayden ~ 3rd

Sarahlynn HaydenHello! My name is Sarahlynn Hayden and I feel so blessed to be the 3rd grade teacher here at Kaufman Christian School since 2013! I was born and raised in the south, Southern California that is, and had a “totally awesome” education at California State University in Fullerton, California where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art Education. I am married to my Texan hubby, Mark, who has been securing homes for ADT since 2006. We have an amazing son, Alekxandyr, who is in the 5th grade here at KCS. Our family attends First Baptist Church Kaufman where I love getting involved with the many ministry opportunities I have found there.

When I am away from my classroom, I love singing, playing and listening to music, creating art, cooking, having adventures with my family and exploring the many talents God has given to me. Okay, you caught me, I do some of that in the classroom too…especially the singing. But I would really like to thank KCS for giving me the opportunity to Praise the Lord with my students throughout the day and educate them so much more than just the core subjects. God is Great!

Should you have any questions, feel free to email me here.

Third Grade Supply List

1   3 ring binder with pockets (1-1/2”  plain, no Trapper Keepers or zip notebooks)
2   plastic folders w/ pockets (w/o brads) 1 red, 1 blue
2   plastic folders with brads (any color)
1   pkg 8 count tab dividers (without pockets)
1   12 ct. pkg #2 pencils (Ticonderoga are the best)
1   12” ruler (w/ inches & centimeters, not flexible)
1   pair Fiskar’s scissors
1   box 12 colored pencils
1   large glue stick (or 2 small)
2   black pens (erasable preferred)
2   red pens
2   yellow hi-lighters
2   large pink erasers
1   bottle of hand sanitizer
1   pkg Crayola Washable Markers (8 ct)
3   wide ruled 70 page notebooks, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 black
2   pkg notebook paper (wide rule)
1   pkg baby wipes
3   boxes Kleenex
1   NIV Bible (not children’s or youth)
2   reams white copy paper (500 count each)
1   paint shirt
$8.50 for music recorder (if you do not have one)

Backpacks and lunch boxes must be generic.  They may have designs or be multi-colored, but we ask that they not promote any advertisements of any other school, movie, TV, or cartoon character, business, or organization.  The backpack’s brand name, such as Jansport, L.L. Bean, Champion, etc. is acceptable as long as it is not a design.