Children’s Sunday School

In our effort to provide the highest quality Christian education, we are using Children Desiring God Curriculum on Sunday mornings during our Sunday School hour. This children’s Sunday school curriculum was developed with the following in mind: Man is not the key player in history; God is the engineer of all life, and His purposes are fulfilled throughout history. These studies purposefully present God as the main character in each lesson, rather than dwelling on man and man’s needs. Therefore, each lesson focuses on the magnificent character of the One who can satisfy all our longings. Showing children the greatness of God gives them a basis to respond to Him. This material presents a great God who is worthy to be admired and imitated.

We would love to have your child join during the Sunday School hour each Sunday morning from 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.

Photo of kids playing by Ashton Bingham on Unsplash

Ministry Contact:
Rebecca Pugh

Sunday School Playlist