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Student Ministries

  • Kaleo is comprised of 6th thru 12th graders.
  • Sunday Morning Bible Study @ 9:30am
  • Wednesday Night Gathering @ 6:30pm to 8:00pm.

Back to the Lame Future

Technology complicates our relationships. We have so many avenues of communication, but struggle to find actual friendships. This humorous illustration shows just how disconnected teens can be from real people.

Kaleo’s Current Study

Our 2017/2018 study for Kaleo is “God’s Big Picture” by Vaughan Roberts.

“Appealing to the biblical theme of the Kingdom of God as a guiding motif Vaughan Roberts helps the reader understand how the Bible fits together to tell one grand story. God’s Big Picture is one of my favorite books to give to laypersons wanting to have a better understanding of the Bible.”–Todd Pruitt Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg, Virginia

Each week the Kaleo Students will discuss the scriptures through the lens of the “kingdom of God.” Our goal is the deepening their own convictions and theological passions by tracing the entire storyline of the Bible and gaining a helpful framework for studying the Bible. Please contact Ron if you have any questions or just what to know more about Kaleo.

Pizza n Prayer is moving to Sundays! Come to the Knoll for free pizza and free prayer. Check the calendar for the next gathering. Begins at 6pm. Ends at 7pm, but you can stay til 8pm if you want for cookies and a show/game!

NEAT…not just for Kaleo!

We partner with the city to clean up the homes of the elderly, disabled, poor, handicapped, and veterans around Kaufman. Families (ages 10 and up) are invited to participate in CBC’s outreach team for this event on October 1st. Sign up your family by September 25th.

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Ministry Contact:
Mark Hines

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